Court Programs

District and superior court programs and services offer citizens avenues for resolving conflict in a less adversarial, more effective way. There are diverse types of court programs and services available to provide access to justice for children, families and individuals who face civil, dependency, delinquency and criminal court actions. These specialized services and programs include foreign language interpreting, interpreting for the deaf or hard of hearing, child custody and visitation mediation, drug treatment court, family court, juvenile court improvement, family financial settlement, arbitration, and mediated settlement conferences.

In an effort to broaden the scope of the court programs offered by the North Carolina Courts System, Mecklenburg County has added several programs and services to assist its citizens.

Programs of significance are the Larry King’s Clubhouse Program designed to assist parents with on site childcare during courthouse visits and the SelfServe Center Program designed to assist people in representing themselves in certain legal matters. Please see adjoining column for more information on these and other court programs.