Guardian ad Litem
Established by the North Carolina legislature in 1983, the Guardian ad Litem program, through its volunteers, represents the needs of all North Carolina children whose cases are petitioned to the courts because they are abused, neglected, or dependent. This year thousands of cases of neglect and abuse will require the services of a Guardian ad Litem.

After an initial training program, Guardian ad Litems are sworn in by the Juvenile Court for a two-year term and work as a team with an attorney advocate. Their recommendations on the child's needs assist the judge in making the best possible decision on the child's future.

The term "ad Litem" is Latin for "this litigation" or "for this case." Thus, a Guardian ad Litem helps to represent a child for only the duration of the court proceedings and does not serve as a legal guardian.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guardian ad Litem.