Family Court Programs in Cumberland County
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Custody Mediation

The Custody Mediation Program is an alternative method to resolve disputes involving custody and visitation by facilitating a parental agreement.

Mending Hearts Parent Workshop

The Parent Education Program gives separating parents, and other parties who may be involved in custody disputes, a blueprint to guide their children through divorce.

Children's Support Group

Family Court offers a support group for children involved in a divorce or custody case. The group is administered by mental health professionals and provides children an opportunity to learn about and discuss issues relating to children of divorce.

Family Financial Mediation

The Family Financial Mediation Program is an alternative dispute-resolution program designed to resolve property and financial issues between parties without going to court.

Access & Visitation Program

The Access and Visitation Program provides assistance to non-custodial fathers who are currently paying child support but do not have court ordered access to their children. This program helps links fathers to resources in the community such as educational and job training programs. A Fatherhood Mentoring Workshop and Visitation Legal Clinics are also available.

Family Treatment Court

Family Treatment Court (FTC) is a special court for Juvenile cases involving parent(s) and guardian(s) who are in danger of losing custody of their children because of substance abuse and child neglect issues.