Dispute Settlement
"Handling conflict in a positive way"

The Orange County Dispute Settlement Center is a practical, non-profit, voluntary negotiation (mediation) alternative to court available to all Chatham County residents.

We live in an increasingly diverse and complex world; in an environment that is constantly changing; where conflict is inevitable and where every position has hidden interests.

When individual needs are not being met, the result is often negative behavior. Asking "Why?," "Why not?," "What if...?," and other questions can lead to focusing on the interests and needs underlying personal positions. Asking open questions such as these is the specialty of the Chatham County Dispute Settlement Center, and dealing with these questions in a positive manner helps people think more creatively about agreements that are satisfactory to both parties.

A mediation is a facilitated conference during which parties, with the aid of a mediator, search for mutually agreeable solutions to their dispute. The mediator serves as a neutral facilitator who works to open channels of communication and to establish a fair and non-prejudicial atmosphere with time for everyone to have their say, to listen, and to achieve a cooperative resolution. Every effort is made at the hearing to work out a settlement that is acceptable to both parties, and the mediator will help each side see the dispute through the eyes of the other.

If you have a dispute that you want to resolve, or you want to prevent a dispute, the Orange County Dispute Settlement Center can help.

The OCDSC designs, promotes, and implements dispute resolution programs and techniques that enhance the ability of individuals to resolve problems of all kinds. Types of disputes handled:

  • Parent/Child Conflicts
  • Dependency/Neglect/Abuse
  • Delinquent/Unruly
  • Family/Family Disputes
  • Custody/Visitation Plans