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Domestic Violence Best Practices Guide

Please note: these domestic violence best practices are currently under review and in the process of updating.

The N.C. Domestic Violence Best Practices Guide for District Court Judges provides judges with tools to increase safety in the courtroom and courthouse, collaborate with community partners, create local rules and policies, and effectively handle criminal and civil domestic violence cases. In this way, the project supports consistent and effective handling of these cases in district courts throughout the state.

The guide identifies fourteen areas of best practices, which are listed below:

  • Best Practice #1: Enhanced Safety

  • Best Practice #2: Effective Scheduling

  • Best Practice #3: Specialized Judges

  • Best Practice #4: Continuance Policies

  • Best Practice #5: Local Rules

  • Best Practice #6: Community Resources

  • Best Practice #7: Providing Information to the Judge

  • Best Practice #8: Child Safety and Custody

  • Best Practice #9: Comprehensive Orders

  • Best Practice #10: Victim Access to Courts

  • Best Practice #12: Victim Safety and Offender Accountability

  • Best Practice #13: Compliance Hearings

  • Best Practice #14: Federal Law Requirements
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