AOC Administration Content Editing Help
Content Editing Features
The following content editing features have been supported:
  • Text style and decoration (Italic, Bold, Underline)
  • Block formatting (Indenting, Outdenting, Left, right and center justification)
  • List editing (Numbered lists, Bulleted lists)
  • Unlimited levels of undo and redo
  • Text entry mode (Insert, Overwrite)
  • Selection services (Range selection by dragging the mouse, Word selection by double clicking, Paragrah selection by triple clicking, Keyboard based selection [Shift + arrow, Home and End keys])
  • Support for standard keyboard accelerators:
    Cut (Ctrl + X) Copy (Ctrl + C) Paste (Ctrl + V)
    Bold (Ctrl + B) Italic (Ctrl + I) Underline (Ctrl + U)
    Undo (Ctrl + Z) Redo (Ctrl + Y) Hyperlink (Ctrl + K)
    Find (Ctrl + F) Select all (Ctrl + A) Select Block (Ctrl + Left-click)
  • Pressing Enter key will generate a space line, however, Shift + Enter keys will not generate a space line.
Additional Help
Click here to access the XHTML Latin-1 Character Entity Reference Document